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The legendary MacBites Live chatroom is THE place to be when there’s an Apple announcement
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MacBites is the UK based podcast for all things Apple related, presented by Elaine Giles and Mike Thomas (aka The MacBites Crew).

Through the podcast, website and newsletter, we bring you tips and tricks and valuable first hand experiences of the Mac platform, iPhone, iPad, iPod and AppleTV … and anything else Apple may tempt us with.

As well as the podcast, the legendary MacBites Live chatroom is THE place to be when there’s an Apple announcement. Elaine, Mike and The MacBiters enjoy the friendly, vibrant environment to chat and debate about the latest news from Cupertino.

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Some podcasts build communities, this one’s built a family. grahruss

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This THE best podcast around if you want Mac chat. CarrieH

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Got to be the best UK podcast on iTunes! HoodedWitch

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Hello Again

It’s confirmed! An Apple event will be held on October 27th and we’ll be covering it live. Come and join the MacBites Crew as we discuss what goodies Cupertino has in store for us.

See you on the 7th

A new iPhone, a new watch, an update to iWork (Elaine was so underwhelmed) and games demos in Japanese – just a typical Apple keynote event. Thanks to all the MacBiters who came along and joined in the chat!

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WWDC Keynote 2016

Once again The MacBites Crew and the MacBiters came together to watch, listen and chat. There was definitely more chat though as we were less than impressed with what Apple served up.

Let Us Loop You In

Thanks to AppleLeaks there were no surprises this time. But we had fun in the chat and that’s what it’s all about – a bunch of Apple Geeks (aka The MacBiters) getting together to watch the event and provide our own analysis – which is usually more entertaining that the main event!

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MacBites is a must listen to for any Mac fanboy Minster68

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Really enjoyable podcast, with Mike and Elaine playing off one another brilliantly. AHobden

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A pleasure to listen to, and well worth the time. PerfectShadow

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MacBites the iBook

iBooks Author, a tool for creating eBooks, was released by Apple in January 2012. Within two weeks of the launch, Elaine had created an eBook (or iBook as Apple like to call it) of almost 100 pages that showcased all the great features of the application.

MacBites The iBook takes you on a journey from October 2007, when MacBites began, through to January 2012. Here’s just a few highlights of the book:

Go behind the scenes at MacBites HQ, listen to the best of the out-takes (there’s some hilarious ones in there), relive software and hardware launches and get to see Mike’s feet and Elaine’s lips!

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