MacBites Episode 0055

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In this episode we discuss frictionless sharing, colour pickers and the answer to the most important question of the week – has Lion been a roaring success at MacBites HQ for Elaine?

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Focus – A Week With Lion

cp -Rpn /originating file path/ /destination file path/

App Review – Colour Pickers


  • Paula Maxwell loves MacBites Live and the MacBiters


  • Thanks to Amanda, MacJim, Jane, Minster68 and StrategyOracle



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MacBites is the UK based podcast for all things Apple related, presented by Elaine Giles and Mike Thomas (aka The MacBites Crew).

Through the podcast, website and newsletter, we bring you tips and tricks and valuable first hand experiences of the Mac platform, iPhone, iPad, iPod and AppleTV … and anything else Apple may tempt us with.

As well as the podcast, the legendary MacBites Live chatroom is THE place to be when there's an Apple announcement. Elaine, Mike and The MacBiters enjoy the friendly, vibrant environment to chat and debate about the latest news from Cupertino.

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