MacBites Episode 0061

In this episode, we have new toys at MacBites HQ, Lara Croft rides again and we play buzzword bingo in more ways than one

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The MacBites Crew are Elaine Giles, Mike Thomas and MacBitesSiri. Together they bring you tips, tricks and valuable first hand experience of the Mac platform.

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  1. Michty me, whit a show! Lesbian movies, vibrating things and confessions from the bedroom – and Elaine speechless!

  2. Another excellent episode!
    I was surprised to hear that you have problems with iMessage, I use it every day for both local and international texts.
    It has always performed perfectly, no delays, no out of sequence text messages. And it saves me money on the international messages.


  3. Following your advice, I installed Alfred and am now enjoying its functionality. It’s a great little app.
    By coincidence Don MacAllister of ScreenCastsOnline published a show on Alfred this week which really helps to explain the finer points of the app.


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