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MacBites After Hours 0030

5 July 2019: Heading towards the zenith of summer the Crew share all the latest news, views and fun from MacBites HQ!

MacBites After Hours 0028

21 June 2019: Affinity Publisher was finally released this week and the Crew check out how it stacks up against the competition, Adobe InDesign and Swift Publisher.

MacBites After Hours 0027

15 June 2019: More Live fun with the MacBites Crew. New apps, new hardware and doubtless much news from MacBites HQ.

MacBites After Hours 0026

7 June 2019: Are we all recovered from WWDC? Either way never mind Apple … let us assure you that the MacBites Crew are guaranteed to entertain as well as educate during the latest After Hours show.

MacBites After Hours 0025

31 May 2019: It’s getting exciting … we’re so close to WWDC. What do you want to see? Let’s speculate wildly tonight before reality sets in next week!

MacBites After Hours 0024

24 May 2019: We’re back and we’ve got loads to share with you lovely MacBiters. Join us for tech chat, tips, tricks, demos and much, much more.

MacBites After Hours 0023

11 May 2019: Following on from last week’s Keynote fail we’ll be sharing a range of presentation delivery tips and tricks together with a demo involving Affinity Designer, Camtasia, ScreenFlow and Keynote … we do like to share the love between apps!

MacBites After Hours 0022

3 May 2019: Have you recovered from the unboxing of last time yet? It took us a few days but after stashing all the toys we’re back with a new show … and even more new toys!

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