It’s iPhone Day!!

Here we are live outside The Apple Store, Trafford Centre. It’s 7:10am and they open in 50 minutes!! The guys from the Store have brought out hot chocolate, coffee and water. But the question is…do we go for black or white? Well all will be revealed in the...
Apple Store, Liverpool

Apple Store, Liverpool

The North West (of England) is about to get its third Apple Store. This photo was taken by Mike on 6th July (we were in Liverpool for a friend’s birthday party and the store just “happened” to be en-route to the car park).

More iPhone

Thanks to our mate Mark Johnson for the photo below. Mark was in the queue and one of the first to buy a phone on Launch Day . Mark also has one of the biggest Mac collections.  

iPhone Launch

Some people said I was mad, going to The Trafford Centre and standing in the queue (well strictly speaking I was outside the queue) when I wasn’t even buying the thing. “It’s all part of the Apple Experience” I told them. “Geek” was their reply (or maybe it was...