If like many of us you purchased the lastest MacHeist Nano Bundle you’ll be glad to hear there’s an easy way to keep track of all those lovely licenses. I’m using the 1Password file format for this demonstration.

Log In to the MacHeist Web Site


Hop over to http://macheist.com and log in.

Lookup Your Order


Click the Order Lookup button

Backup Your Licenses


Scroll down to the “Backup your license” section on the right of the receipt page and click your preferred license file format.

The Download File


Locate the downloaded file and either double click it or select File > Import… from the 1Password menu to start the import process.

The Import Assistant


Selecting File > Import… from the 1Password menu displays the Import Assistant from where an import format needs to be selected (1).

Double clicking the downloaded file means that the import format is pre-selected.

Click Continue (2).

Selecting an Import Format


Select the file format of the file to be imported.

Remember double clicking the downloaded file means that the import format is pre-selected.



The Import Assistant confirms the file format selected.

Click Continue (1).

Select the File


Click the Choose File… button (1) and navigate to the specific file to be imported.

The file is previewed in the lower window.

Click the Start Import button (2).

Review Items to be Imported


The final dialog of the Import Assistant reviews the items to be imported. Simply remove the tick from next to any items you don’t want to be included in the import (1).

Press the Import Selected Objects button (2) to import the serial numbers.

Finishing Up


Once the import is complete you will have a folder named as indicated earlier in the import process (1) and inside the folder you will find all the imported items.

Installed items will have the application icons read in automatically (2) assuming you have not disabled this option.