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Some podcasts build communities, this one’s built a family.
~ Grahruss ~


Some podcasts build communities, this one’s built a family. One of the friendliest podcasts around with a great group of listeners, many of whom follow each other on Twitter, a new MacBites podcast is always a treat! I don’t know of any other podcast that connects with and involves it’s listeners like this one. There’s never a dull moment, from critiques on software & delivery men to frequenting Apple stores with a black cloth over your head, you’re sure to pick up a few tips.

Then there are the Thursday night Webinars – a sort of chat room with screen sharing – where Mike or Elaine show you how to do stuff in Excel, Photoshop and others (they’re both professional trainers) Afterwards there are questions and general chit chat and it all ends with the presenters heading off to get something to eat.

Like the podcast, it’s informative and fun. It can even make you spend money! It is, perhaps, a cross between British Mac and ScreencastsOnline and, because they do this stuff for a living, the technical standards are top notch too.

Go on, download an episode and see for yourself, then head to the website where you can buy a MacBites Thong (yes, really!) I didn’t go that far though, I once bought one by mistake. I mean, how do you return a thong? “Excuse me, but I was hoping for something with a bit more material…” Definitely one of the best. A five star podcast.

 by Grahruss from UK on 20 Apr 2013

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