Live from outside the Apple Store Trafford Centre, Manchester.Well not long to go now – and I’m sat here getting a numb behind on this marble floor!It’s 12:20 and I’m 6th in line. I thought I was a touch insane, but the two guys at the front have been here since 8am this morning.More updates to follow.

iPhone Day smiles

13:20 – My behind is really numb already – but we keep smiling.12:51 still only nine in the queue – so no crowd trouble for the bouncers yet!

15:00 – MikeT plays Superman and reveals his MacBites garb

MikeT makes quick change

*Looks like he changed in the toilets to me!!*

15:40 Battery running low now, both the laptop and mine – but here are some more pic

Oh, there are about 40 in the queue now

iPhone Day queue1iPhone Day queue2

17:20 There’s now around 200 in the queue – more arriving as I type.

iPhone Day queue3

iPhone Day queue4

iPhone Day queue5

I’ll make this the last post as Batt is low and it’s nearly time.

iPhone Day queue6

17:30 BTW Just for the occasion, get on to iTunes and buy Perfect Timing (This Morning) by Orba Squara

19:40 Home at last, but not even opened it yet – Elaine and MikeT insisted I post the final pic from the Trafford Centre

iPhone Day queue7

Now down to the activation. Hopefully I’ll post with iPhone in a short while.

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