12 Years Ago Tonight …

Yes, 12 years ago tonight the very first MacBites was unleashed to an unsuspecting world. We could never have predicted that 12 years on we’d still be going strong and with a whole new range of live video shows to boot.

Anyway, we have a challenge for you! #MacBitesBirthdayChallenge

Have you heard the very first (infamous – Ed.) episode of MacBites? Whether you have or not now’s your chance … tune in to MacBites.fm any time in the next 24 hours and you can listen again. Are you brave enough to take the #MacBitesBirthdayChallenge

The Dirty Dozen

Keep your ear on MacBites.fm over the next 12 days too … we have a birthday treat for you! The Crew take twelve topics and discuss where they were at with them in 2007, when MacBites started, where they are now with them and most importantly how they got there!

Hardware, software, technologies, we have it all covered so don’t miss it … tune in to MacBites.fm and enjoy.


What kit were you using in 2007? What apps? Let us know. We’d love to hear all about your journeys with technology over the last 12 years too.