13 Years Ago Tonight …

Yes, 13 years ago tonight the very first MacBites was unleashed to an unsuspecting world. We could never have predicted that 13 years on we’d still be going strong and with even more shows. First came MacBites Live shows to coincide with Apple Events, next it was MacBites After Hours, our live every Friday video stream, and now in the midst of the strangeness of 2020 a MacBites every day with Marooned at MacBites HQ. Not forgetting we launched a 24/7 radio station with MacBites.fm back in 2019 too!

Last year we ran the #MacBitesBirthdayChallenge which was listening to the very first (infamous – Ed.) episode of MacBites. It was so popular we’re doing it all again this year. Whether you have already heard it or not now’s your chance … tune in to MacBites.fm any time on 8 and 9 of October and you can listen again. Are you brave enough to take the #MacBitesBirthdayChallenge?

In fact this year we’re ramping the challenge up with a part 2 taking place over the next month as we share random classic episodes of MacBites throughout October on MacBites.fm.


What kit were you using in 2007? What apps? Let us know. We’d love to hear all about your journey with technology over the last 13 years too. Be sure to leave us a comment below.