16 Years Ago Tonight

… Picture the scene … The work was done; recording, editing, artwork, hosting and more. Then MacBites 0001 was released to an unsuspecting world!

Elaine was using a 2006 24″ Intel iMac ably supported by a 2006 17″ MacBook Pro, while Mike was rocking a 1st gen 2006 20″ Intel iMac.

The recording was taken care of by 2 Blue Snowballs, Skype and the awesome Audio Hijack Pro. The whole thing was edited in Apple’s GarageBand … those were the days!

Since then we’ve added, MacBites Live events, MacBites After Hours, Marooned at MacBites HQ and MacBites.fm.

Are you brave enough to take a listen to episode 1? If you do then be sure to let us know … there should be an award for such bravery! 🤣


What kit were you using in 2007? What apps? Let us know. We’d love to hear all about your journey with technology over the last 16 years too. Be sure to leave us a comment below.