7 May 2024

14:00 UK Time – See the time in your time zone

Finally! An Apple Event and as ever we’ll be providing our inimitable coverage via the MacBites Live chatroom starting at 14:00 UK time (06:00 PT/09:00 ET)

Do notice the time … 3pm in the UK. Why? We have no idea … maybe Timmy has something planned for later in the day!

In addition to the legendary MacBites Live chat we’ll be relaying the live feed as usual and providing an audio only feed if you’re bandwidth challenged on the day or worse still … AT WORK!!! I know what a ridiculous time for an Apple event. But there’s an opportunity to attend if you time your lunch break just right in the UK and your breakfast in the US 😉

What can we expect? Well it’s safe to say there’s a new iPad on the horizon! Beyond that? Who knows!

Do join the Crew together with MacBites Siri, Lady Siri and a whole panoply of MacBiters from around the world. All are welcome so tell your friends!

How to Join Us

All of this fun will be happening on MacBites.fm

To join the chat simply go to the MacBites.fm and enter your name into the top part of the chat box and be sure to say hello!

See You There

As ever we’d love to hear from you … feel free to send us your thoughts & audio comments before the event to the MacBites Crew.

You can send a text based comment via the MacBites contact form at https://macbites.co.uk/contact/ or leave a comment in the comments section below.

See you there!