12 September 2017

17:30 BST – See the time in your time zone.

It’s time for another Apple event and you know what that means…a MacBites Live! We’ll be there with you guys sharing all the fun as Apple announce a new iPhone and a new Watch – well they will be if you believe the rumour sites (MacBites don’t do rumours!).

To join the chat simply go to http://macbites.co.uk/live.

Join us for live coverage and chat with The MacBites Crew and the MacBiters. All are welcome so tell your friends!

Use the following link to access the MacBites Chatroom from your computer or mobile device:


Use the following link to access the MacBites Audio ONLY feed:

As ever we’d love to hear from you … feel free to send us your thoughts & audio comments before the event to the MacBites Crew.

You can send a text based comment via the MacBites contact form at http://macbites.co.uk/contact/ or leave a comment in the comments section below.

See you there!

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The MacBites Crew are Elaine Giles, Mike Thomas and MacBitesSiri. Together they bring you tips, tricks and valuable first hand experience of the Mac platform.

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