17 July 2020

9pm BST – See the time in your time zone

Another action packed show with plenty of tips, tricks and demos to help you get the most from your tech toys together with all the latest news, views and fun from MacBites HQ!

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Ulysses 20 – We covered all the new features inside Ulysses 20 even those that proved to be somewhat "challenging" for long time users.

Making Magic with MarginNote – If you have a need to extract meaningful information from source materials MarginNote could be the app that you didn’t know you were looking for! Nothing beats it for annotation, creating extracts, generating outlines of your notes and there’s built-in automated mind map creation to boot. It’s definitely worth a look.

Excel: The Query Editor – Mike covered all you can do inside the Excel Query Editor. A session that was so good attendees begged him to go on for longer!

Going Paperless – As an introduction to the long awaited DEVONthink series Elaine gave an overview of all that is involved in going paperless.

DEVONthink 3 Part 1: Configuration and Capture – Finally the eagerly anticipated and much requested series on DEVONthink got underway with details of the versions of DEVONthink available, instructions for creating your first DEVONthink database and copious ways of capturing your content straight to DEVONthink quickly and efficiently. Catch up now before Part 2 next week!