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  • Leopard Special Part 2: One week on, Likes and dislikes, Dual monitors, Transferring Mail, Networking, Screen sharing, Time Machine, Coverflow, Quicklook

Leopard Special – Part 2

  • Living with Leopard – One week in
  • MikeT relates his experiences of the Leopard install.
  • It’s been said before but Backup Backup Backup and MikeT prefers SuperDuper
  • So Mike any issues with the new Cat?
  • All three of us our now running with Leopard
  • We share some of our likes and dislikes.
  • We’d all love a dual monitor setup – Leopard does too.
  • Safari 3 – what’s new?
  • Transferring Mail


  • Airport
  • Screen sharing
  • Back to my Mac

Other Features

  • Spaces
  • Time Machine
  • The new Finder
  • Preview
  • Coverflow
  • Quicklook

Comments and Feedback

So Gazmaz have we tempted you yet? Let us know how you get onWhat about everyone else? Upgraded yet? & how did it go?Next week – it’s finally here – iPhone has landed