Another Apple Store opening, more iPhone app reviews and how Elaine’s digital world came crashing down. Plus Mike’s new scanner and a great time-saving tip for iCal users and a money-saving tip from Elaine.

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The Opening of the Liverpool Apple Store

  • MacBites were there! Getting up at 5:45 on a Saturday is not our idea of fun – but when a new Apple Store opens and a free T-shirt is on offer, well, you just have to do it
  • Read Mike’s Report


PAC Number


iPhone iPhone iPhone

Elaine’s Week of Crashes

Feedback and Comments

  • Thanks to Gavin for recommending WordPress and Zenbe
  • Thanks to Damian and Bob for their comments about the Liverpool Store opening
  • According to Jack at MacFever, Elaine has softwarealitus


  • NWAG (North West Adobe User Group) – Online event – Painless Plastic Surgery – 12th August at 20:00
  • NWMUG (The North West Mac User Group) – next meeting: 14 Aug
  • Geekups – Sheffield – 6th August and Manchester – 12th August