In this episode we discuss the latest apps that we’ve installed on our iPhones (and some that we haven’t) and take a look at a number of screen-capturing applications that we use.

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Switchers Corner and Software Review

  • Keyboard shortcuts in OSX for capturing screen
  • Shift+Cmd+3 – captures entire screen and saves to Desktop
  • Shift+Cmd+4 – captures selection and saves to Desktop
  • Shift+Cmd+4 then spacebar, then click a window – captures selected window and saves to Desktop
  • Shift+Cmd+Ctrl+3 – captures entire screen to the clipboard
  • Shift+Cmd+Ctrl+4 – captures selection to the clipboard
  • Shift+Cmd+Ctrl+4 then spacebar, then click a window – captures selected window to the clipboard
  • In Leopard, the following keys can be held down while selecting an area (via Cmd+Shift+3 or Cmd+Ctrl-Shift+4):
  • Space, to lock the size of the selected region and instead move it when the mouse moves
  • Shift, to resize only one edge of the selected region
  • Option, to resize the selected region with its centre as the anchor point
  • Tinkertool

Feedback and Comments

  • Thanks to StargateJohn for some suggestions about screen capture software – we’ll be covering video capture in a future episode
  • Welcome to Nick from
  • LucyC – had the same problem Mike had with updated apps disappearing in iTunes – Mike’s apps are now back