In this episode, Trumping Tim, Dining the with the Don and a 5 bar gate!

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Review of the Year


01: Apple Start Record Busting Revenue!

12: Throttle-gate!

31: Apple Trumped


01: Apple Do It Again!

09: The Lesser Spotted HomePod Arrives

19: From Infinite Loop to Apple Park

23: The Great Shooting Incident of 2018


12: Apple Buy Texture

16: The Game of the Year Lands on iOS

27: Apple’s Field Trip

28: Tim Cook Takes the Moral High Ground

  • In light of the Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal privacy concerns reach fever pitch
  • When asked what he’d do in same circumstances Tim Cook cooly retorts “I wouldn’t be in this situation


09: Renewable Rules

09: Mid-cycle iPhone Release

11: All Change at Apple Music

11: MacBites 0108A Released

12: MacBites 0109 Released

24: Guest of the Don


01: More Money in the Apple Piggy Bank

01: iPhone X Defies the Critics

03: MacBites 0110

10: Hope for Apple Maps

10: Irish Eyes Aren’t Smiling Any More

14:Legal Wrangling Rumbles On

15: Yanny or Laurel?

  • You would have to have been living under a rock not to encounter someone asking you this question
  • It all started with a recording promising to demonstrate the correct pronunciation of the word laurel
  • Problem with that?
  • Yes, half those hearing it didn’t hear anything like the word laurel!
  • Instead they heard Yanny
  • Want to know what what you’d hear? Check out this video at YouTube

23: Showing facebook How It’s Done!


04: WWDC 2018

14: Fit for a Queen

15: Apple as Content Provider


11: Affinity Designer for iPad Arrives

11: MacBites 0111 Released

12: Surprise Update for MacBook Pro

20: A Failed design

30: MacBites 0112 released

31: Here We Go Again


01: Apple Loses Crown to Huawei

02: Trillionaires

16: Apple Hacked!

20: MacBites 0113 Released

29: Tim Cashes In

30: Affinity Publisher Beta

  • After promising the delivery of the first beta of the third app in the Affinity Suite before the end of August today was the day
  • With an interface instantly familiar to users of either Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer Elaine was all over it within seconds of it being available


04: The Crowd are Smelling Blood

05: Google Chrome Redesigned

  • Google Chrome gets a redesign
  • The world’s most popular browser, Google Chrome, got a complete redesign in September
  • A certain crew member, for which read Elaine, was less than impressed with the changes
  • While change isn’t always welcome Elaine’s dislike for Chrome grew to the extent that for the first time ever she changed her default browser to Firefox … that’s some serious dislike!
  • Top of the list in her litany of complaints? The fact that the shape of the tabs make moving the browser more difficult and even worse the depth of the tabs and URL bar is more than all the other major browsers

05: It Happens to the Best of Us!

12: Gather Round

17: iOS 12 Launches

24: macOS Mojave Arrives

  • In keeping with their annual tradition of releasing a new version of macOS every year this year it was the turn of macOS 10.14 Mojave
  • Another annual tradition is video Elaine makes showing users how to make a boot disk for the new OS

27: Designed on an iPad

  • David Hockney announces his latest work was created entirely on an iPad
  • Now before you check it out be warned it isn’t exactly reminiscent of what comes to mind when you think of a stained glass window
  • Our considered opinion? It’s hideous
  • We’re not alone the comment on the coverage on Cult of Mac had us in stitches
  • A case of just because you can doesn’t mean you should?
  • Wherever this was designed it wouldn’t be our idea of “art”


16: Bagelgate

30: There’s More in the Making

30: Event Day Orders?

  • Didn’t go well at MacBites HQ
  • While adding an iPad Pro 11″ and Apple Pencil 2 to the basket the Apple Pencil went on 2 week back order
  • 2 weeks? That’s a lifetime while waiting for your new Apple kit
  • At this stage it looked like a wall-in on launch day was the only option

31: Apple Order Redux!

  • Mike saved the day with exciting news for Elaine albeit at an alarming time of the morning
  • For the full story check out MacBites 0114


01: Apple Order Redux Redux!

  • Well ordering the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil 2 was so much fun Elaine did all again today with a new 13″ Retina MacBook Air

01: Onward and Upwards

02: It’s a Numbers Game and Apple Don’t Want to Play Anymore

  • Never a company to worry about Wall Street Apple rattled the money men again by announcing they will no longer share information regarding unit sales of iPhone in their quarterly earnings calls
  • It looks like when the figures were on the rise Apple didn’t mind sharing but the increasing prices and maturity of the market mean they’re preparing for the day when those numbers are in decline

04: Mike’s Dark Side

07: iPad Delivery Day Party at MacBites HQ

  • New iPad Pro 11” arrived
  • Apple Pencil v2

12: MacBook Air Delivery Day Party at MacBites HQ

  • New MacBook Air 13” arrived

14: Bump for the MacBook Pro

16: It’s the Beginning of Something New

16: Does It Bend?

22: Is Apple an “entirely selfish monster”?

  • While many welcomed Apple’s addition of the USB-C connector on their Apple tech Brian May, guitarist with Queen, is not one of them
  • In an Instagram post May vents his spleen regarding his hatred of the USB-C only Apple equipment
  • We find we can’t disagree with his statement regarding the number of adaptors you now need to carry with Apple kit

23: Does Apple’s Pricing Need Defending?

  • Whether it does or not Apple were in court in November under subpoena doing just that
  • The case involved whether customers buy apps directly from Apple or whether Apple is acting as a middleman connecting app developers with users
  • Apple prefer the middleman approach
  • We’re still waiting to see whether the court agrees with Apple or not

28: Apple’s Stock Price Tumbles

28: Apple’s Best Selling iPhone

30: MacBites 0114

30: Two Shows in a Day?


  • Don’t Apple sleep through December?
  • Maybe they spend the time counting money!

04: Shares Still in Free Fall

06: Tim’s on the Moral High Ground Again!

  • In an interview with TIME magazine Tim Cook stated: “Apple’s largest contribution to mankind will be in improving people’s health and well-being,”

07: MacBites After Hours 0003

07: Aussie Challenge to Tim’s Moral High Ground

14: MacBites After Hours 0004

21: MacBites After Hours 0005

24: MacBites After Hours 0006 – T’was the Night Before Christmas

28: MacBites After Hours 0007

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