0124 – The Drive to Subscribe … While Doing the Icon Dance

In this episode … it’s the review of the year … with subs, mugs and bugs!

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04: iPad Cannot Restore iCloud Backups

04: MacBites After Hours 0008: We Have a Cunning Plan

05: Speculation About a New iPad mini in 2019

  • Only days into the new year and the rumour mills are rumbling
  • This time it’s the likelihood of a long awaited update to the iPad mini
  • As ever only will time would tell if the images purported to be of the impending iPad mini 5 turn out to be accurate – more on that in March when the long awaited device actually arrived

08: Bend-gate Rumbles On

08: Thick as a Plank?

  • CES is always a laugh but a smart plank?
  • Seriously, there Elaine was minding her own business and she spot Rory Cellen-Jones from the BBC tech team demonstrating a smart plank
  • And it was nowhere near April 1st

08: The CES Famous Five

  • 4,500 companies worldwide showcasing over 300,000 gadgets
  • Always going to be some weird stuff … like these!
  • Lab-Grown Beef
  • Robot Dogs
  • “Self-Walking” Suitcases called Ovis
  • Hands-Free Breast Pump – replete with model demonstrating it
  • $99 Indestructible Pantyhose

08: Toys of an Adult Nature Win an Award … or Not!

  • Lora DiCarlo a designer of … toys of an adult nature won a Consumer Technology Association (CTA) Award for their latest innovation the Ośe
  • However, almost as soon as the award been made it was unceremoniously withdrawn with the CTA declaring the product to be “immoral, obscene and indecent”
  • Fair enough you might think it’s their award and their decision but just a minute
  • Weren’t the potential winning products reviewed in some way?
  • What did they think it was?
  • An electric tea stirrer?
  • A deformed banana with a buzzing disorder?
  • A possessed protein shaker?
  • Tells you more about the lack of due diligence in the CTA awards investigation process than it does about the morality of the actual product!
  • However, if as much effort went into finding a cure for cancer as goes in to it would be as prevalent as the plague by now
  • Needless to say an online campaign demanded the award be returned and so it was all laid to rest amicably 😉

11: MacBites After Hours 0009: True Colours

18: MacBites After Hours 0010: Hard Drive Heaven

22: MacBites 0115 Released: Captain Sensible’s Happy Talk

  • The first MacBites of year is released to an unsuspecting audience!
  • The Crew were sick of the doom mongers and negativity surrounding Apple and so the show was full of Captain Sensible’s Happy Talk

26: MacBites After Hours 0011: Publish and Be Damned!

  • Oh yes 26 January 2019 will go down in history as a great day in MacBites history not only a new show but a new show published live during a MacBites After Hours
  • Yes, we were worried about the space-time continuum involved in that one but we all lived to tell the tale and MacBites After Hours 0011 Publish and Be Damned! is where you can catch up on all the fun involved in the great event

26: MacBites 0116 Released: Shooting Through 2018

  • Shooting through 2018 was our review of the year
  • What’s the reference to shooting all about? You’ll have to listen to find out!

28: Ramping Up the Hype for the Q1 Earnings Call

29: We’re Doomed!

29: Apple Tackling TV Again?

30: Are Apple Going Over to the Dark Side?

30: The Lesser-Spotted GoodReader Rises Again


01: MacBites After Hours 0012

  • Bossing Crossing Apps
  • A show dedicated to Affinity as Elaine demonstrated a cross Designer and Publisher workflow

04: Surely There’s More Important News Out There?

04: Talking of More Important Stuff … FaceTime-gate

  • Not only more important but when a 14 year old can tell you something so damning about your software it’s time for some new engineers Apple
  • Maybe you could recruit at the local Kindergarten!!
  • Short version of this crisis? Group FaceTime calls were about as secure as a leaky bucket!
  • Folks called via the group could be seen and heard WITHOUT actually accepting the call
  • Basic Apple … VERY basic!
  • Apple initially addressed the issue on Monday 28 Jan, nine days after the report, by suspending the group FaceTime feature. It then issued a statement apologising for the bug on 2 Feb.
  • FaceTime hack: Is FaceTime private? Can FaceTime be hacked, tapped?

04: Hero Apple Watch

04: Flickr’s Deletion Party

04: MacBites 0117 Released: Bravo Sierra and the Science of the Bin Collection

  • Another MacBites show?
  • Yes, indeed and boy was it a good one!
  • It shows just how complicated the world has become when it takes a degree in nuclear physics and a post-graduate degree in rocket science to add details of the local bin collection to your calendar!
  • Hence the title of Bravo Sierra and the Science of the Bin Collection

05: The Taxman Cometh

  • Just as the UK annual tax deadline passes came news that Apple had settled a ten-year tax battle with France
  • This included Apple agreeing to pay a reported half a billion Euros ($570M) in back tax
  • All to do with the controversial Irish HQ
  • Controversial since Ireland’s government offered Apple a sweetheart tax deal which the European Union later declared illegal
  • EU ordered Ireland to collect €13B ($14.8B) in back-tax
  • Both Apple and Ireland have appealed the ruling
  • In the meanwhile Apple has paid the bill
  • Apple settles 10-year tax battle with France, paying a reported €500M ($570M)

05: HomePod at 6%

06: Did She Jump or was She Pushed?

07: Apple on the Podcasting Backfoot

07: Health Watch

07: FaceTime Fix

09: MacBites After Hours 0013: The Good Life

  • It was all “Good” in MacBites After Hours 0013
  • It was the release of new versions of GoodReader and GoodNotes two of The Crew’s favourites here at MacBites HQ

15: MacBites After Hours 0014: Mojave Tips and Scanner Apps

  • In After Hours 0014 we looked at Apple’s latest MacOS (well it was at the time)
  • We also covered iOS scanning apps including Office Lens, Scanner Pro and Photo Scan

18: MacBites 0118 Released: High Jinks with Enterprising App Bandits

19: Google Keep Comes to Apple Watch

21: We’re Doomed!

22: You Couldn’t Make It Up!

24: Happy Birthday Steve

26: Apple Announces Winners of Shot on iPhone Challenge

27: Tim Cook on Health Records Privacy


01: MacBites 0119 Released: Road Warriors … Doing the Dongle Dance

01: MacBites After Hours 0015: Road Warriors…Back Home

  • Two MacBites on the same day!! Is this a record? After releasing MacBites 0119 in the morning we went on to do After Hours 0015
  • We showed you what tech we’d been using on our road trip and talked about screenshotting apps

01: Timmy Promises to Blow Us Away

07: Tim Apple

  • You can always rely on President Trump to grab headlines with a perceived faux pa
  • This time it was calling Timmy “Tim Apple”
  • Something wrong with that?
  • Believe me I call him a LOT worse!!
  • Timmy’s response?
  • A passive aggressive change of his Twitter description to Tim 
  • Way to go Tim … how about telling The Don at the time your correct name?
  • Tim Cook Changes Twitter Name to ‘Tim Apple’ After President Trump’s Name Flub

09: MacBites After Hours 0016: Did We Stay or Did We Go?

  • In MacBites After Hours 0016 we talked about our decision to leave Screenflow for Camtasia (oops we just gave the answer away!)

15: MacBites After Hours 0017: Foxing Clever on Our Jollie Hollie-day!

  • In MacBites After Hours 0017 Elaine showed some cool animation tricks for making holiday videos
  • She also demonstrated Firefox Send – a great way to transfer files…for FREE

18: New iPad mini (5th Generation) Released

  • A week to go to the first Apple event of the year and Apple announce the new iPad mini
  • Starts at £399/$399.
  • A12 chip offers and Apple’s Neural Engine
  • 64GB or 256GB versions.
  • Still has Home button.
  • Supports Apple Pencil 1st generation
  • Basically more expensive but with 1st gen pencil support

18: iPad Air 10.5″

22: MacBites After Hours 0018: Brushing FileBrowser

25: Apple Event: It’s Show Time

  • Much excitement at the arrival of the first Apple event of the year
  • Services, services and yet more services
  • The MacBiters were NOT impressed
  • Make your own mind up

29: AirPower Binned

  • With the ink barely dry on the reports from the It’s Show Time Apple Event more news from Apple
  • You know it’s something they’re trying to bury when it’s announced on a Friday
  • Less impact on the share value too
  • All of which meant it was bad news
  • Neatly done AFTER announcing and taking orders for the latest wireless AirPods
  • AirPower Cancelled – Apple Says Wireless Charging Mat Wasn’t Up to Standards


05: MacBites After Hours 0019: Shall I Tie A Brush To It?

  • Two dinner parties meant that we skipped a week but we were back with MacBites After Hours 0019
  • More Affinity, more Brushes and a “light” unboxing

02: Apple Watch Battery-gate

  • Another month another law suit for Apple
  • This time it’s Apple Watch batteries expanding so much the screen pops off
  • I was pondering Apple’s options for a defence
  • Obvious really … it’s not a fault it’s a feature
  • The front pops off for ventilation purposes
  • Apple Sued Over Swollen Batteries in Apple Watches

02: Apple News+

03: AirPods v New Beats

04: Facebook’s Open Data Policy

04: Going, Going … Down

09: Pixelmator Photo for iPad Now Available

09: Next Level Cookie

10: We’re Doomed!

11: Fall Detection and Heart Health

12: MacBites After Hours 0020: Let Them Eat Cake

15: Angela Ahrendts Left

19: MacBites After Hours 0021: (Un) Boxing Clever

22: Apple Celebrates Earth Day 2019

  • Green leaves on Apple logos
  • A personal message from Timmy via Twitter
  • It could only mean one thing … it was Earth Day!
  • Isn’t that when we’re supposed to turn our lights off for an hour?
  • Oh yes The Crew regularly get bombarded with messages about that
  • Earth Hour shaming!
  • The fact The Crew have not taken a single flight in 18 years and 36 years respectively seems not to mitigate their ire
  • Believe us when we say we have earnt the right to have every light at MacBites HQ blazing for the duration!
  • Apple Celebrates Earth Day 2019

24: Happy Birthday Apple Watch

30: Aperture RIP


01: iPad 2 now Vintage and Obsolete

01: Apple in Logo Infringement Row

  • Apple Believes This German Cycling Path Logo Infringes on Its Own Logo
  • Apple recently objected to the logo of a new German cycling path in an appeal filed with the German Patent and Trademark Office
  • Apple has taken issue with the logo’s green leaf and supposed “bitten” right side, attributes the company believes are too similar to its own logo
  • The logo, was designed for a new cycling path named Apfelroute, which translated into English is Apple route
  • Do they not have an issue with the name too?
  • There was a time when they were going to come after podcasts with Mac in the name 😱

02: Apple’s Big Services Push is Starting to Pay Off

  • Apple chose to highlight their services division in the earnings call
  • At the expensive of much mention of the iPhone
  • So news games and video are where it’s at
  • In other words subscription subscription subscription!
  • Apple’s Big Services Push is Starting to Pay Off

03: MacBites After Hours 0022: The Morning After The Night Before

07: Apple Stores Becoming Less Shopper Friendly

09: Find The Perfect Shoe Size Using Your iPhone

11: MacBites After Hours 0023: Elvis has NOT Left the Building!

  • In MacBites After Hours 0023 Elaine showed how to create an Elvis poster complete with flashing lights
  • She also covered lots of Notion

24: MacBites After Hours 0024: Foxing Facebook with Camera Holding Patterns

29: Microsoft Brings ‘Insert Data From Picture’ Excel Feature to iOS Devices

31: MacBites After Hours 0025: The Owl and The Pussycat


03: MacBites 0120 Released: Radio Ga Ga

  • The WWDC opening day started well with a new MacBites
  • Did you miss the big announcement that we made on last week’s MacBites After Hours?
  • If so, we repeated it on MacBites 120

03: WWDC

03: Spotify Piddles on Apple’s Parade

04: Timmy Hits Back

06: Presidential Podcasting

06: MacBites.fm News

  • We celebrated the launch of MacBites.fm by hosting a 1 hour news show
  • We discussed live on air, the latest news in the Apple and tech world

07: MacBites After Hours 0026: In Print

  • In MacBites After Hours 0026 we did a 2 minute roundup of WWDC
  • Then Elaine took us through how she put together an article for a global magazine with a readership of several thousand people

11: Amazon Leapfrog Apple and Google

11: iMovie for iPad Goes Pro

11: New iCloud for Windows App Goes Live in App Store

12: Back to Paying to Surf?

13: Dashboard RIP

15: MacBites After Hours 0027: A 1,000 Not Out

  • In MacBites After Hours 0027, Mike as you’ve never seen him before!
  • and Elaine celebrates 1000 consecutive days of Apple Watch movement

18: New Task Manager from Microsoft

20: Battery Replacement Programme

20: Google Sunsets Their Tablets

21: MacBites After Hours 0028: Clipperty Clop

27: JonyI is Leaving Apple

28: MacBites After Hours 0029: Now THAT is What You Call a Cake!

  • In MacBites After Hours 0029 Elaine built vector maps in Affinity Publisher
  • She also unboxed several Alexa’s and made Graham jealous with a HUGE cherry bakewell cake


01: Dispirited Jony?

01: “Up Next Live”

03: Some Hairy Scary Photos of Apple Battery Failure

05: MacBites After Hours 0030: Now You See It, Now You Don’t

08: A Memoji Tribute?

08: Apple Relaunches ‘Texas Hold’Em’ Game to Celebrate 10th Anniversary of App Store

08: $10,000 for a Manual?

09: Apple Delivers Modest Update to MacBook Pro

  • The update might have been modest but price certainly wasn’t
  • Apple took the opportunity to raise the price in the UK by a minimum of £50 and the top of the range by £100
  • Each model now has a touch bar but still £100 increase for that?
  • Apple Delivers Modest Update to MacBook Pro

09: Zoom Crisis

09: 2019 Back to School Promotion

09: 12″ MacBook RIP

10: Apple Staff Retention

  • Angela Ahrendts was a guest on RBC Disruptors podcast and proudly proclaimed that Apple’s retail employee retention rate rose from 61 percent to a “historic high” of “nearly 89 percent” during her five-year tenure
  • Under Ahrendts, Apple introduced new communication tools for its retail employees
  • Including:
  • The “Hello” app that provides a daily summary of “need to know” information
  • The “Loop” app that allows retail employees to share useful tips and tricks amongst each other to help do their jobs better
  • Angela Ahrendts Says Apple Store Employee Retention Rate Rose to Historic High of Nearly 89% During Her Tenure

11: Another Google Sunset

  • Google nuked the ability to control Nest thermostats from Apple Watch
  • Why?
  • The stated rationale “only a small number of people” used the watch apps
  • Therefore Nest will focus on developing its full mobile app and Wear OS-only Google Assistant functions going forward”
  • Come on give folks a chance to adopt the concept
  • Folks still stand there slack jawed when The Crew pay for purchases with their watches
  • It’s a slow burn Google!!
  • Google Kills Off Nest Thermostat App for Apple Watch

12: Apple Pay Users Can Get Free McDonald’s Fries With Purchase on Fridays in July

12: MacBites After Hours 0031: Nellie the Elephant

19: MacBites After Hours 0032: How Many Slides?

19: Apple Music Renames Hip-Hop Playlist to ‘Rap Life’

19: The Drive to Subscribe

  • Yet another story involving a subscription
  • 1Password brought an update out that silently removed the option to use a local vault bypassing the need to subscribe
  • If already enabled it continued to work
  • BUT should the need to reinstall arise or the need to setup a new device you’d be straight out of luck without a subscription
  • 1Password backtracked but the writing’s on the wall for the rise of subscription based software
  • 1Password Restores Free-to-Use Local Vault Option in Latest Version of iOS App

27: MacBites After Hours 0033: It Was How Long?

30: Apple Reports Q3 2019 Results

  • $10B Profit on $53.8B Revenue, Highest June Quarter Revenue Ever
  • Apple’s Services Revenue Hits New All-Time High of $11.46 Billion
  • Wearables, Home, and Accessories category, which includes devices like the AirPods and Apple Watch, set a new June quarter revenue record of $5.5 billion, up from $3.7 billion in the year-ago quarter.
  • Let us translate that for you – we made loadsamoney


01: Mac Book Recommends Surface Laptop 2 in New Microsoft Ad

01: Google > Apple

01: Apple Sued Again

01: Siri-gate

02: MacBites After Hours 0034: We’re Jammin’

  • In MacBites After Hours 0034 we compared Microsoft Whiteboard and Google Jamboard
  • Plus part 3 of the comic creation kit and the usual unboxings

05: Follow My Leader

05: Apple Card Arrives

07: Right to Repair

07: Microsoft Jump On Board the Eavesdropping Bandwagon

07: Another Day Another Lawsuit

07: Apple Watch Catching Dementia

08: More on the Right to Repair

09: MacBites After Hours 0035: Don’t Stop Him Now!

  • In MacBites After Hours 0035 Mike and Elaine as you’ve never seen them before
  • Part 4 of the comic creation kit and more unboxings

13: Spotify ❤Apple

16: MacBites After Hours 0036: An Apple a Day … Keeps the Dentist at Bay!

  • In MacBites After Hours 0036, Mike dresses up AGAIN, Elaine visits the dentist
  • As for tech – Notion, some unboxing and more comic creation

19: MacBites 0121 Released: Predictive Analytics with Mrs Brown’s Bunions

  • In MacBites 0121 we discussed Evernote, passwords, Cardhop and OmniFocus

20: Dark Side Surfing

20: Siri’s Dad Leaves the Building

22: Jony’s Book RIP

  • Who recalls that exorbitantly priced coffee table book Apple brought out?
  • Not exactly top of your mind we suspect given it was such an odd thing to do
  • 2016 it was when 2 different sizes of the publication were made available at $199 and $299 respectively
  • It covered all the Apple products released from the iMac in 1998 to the Apple Pencil in 2015
  • Well news now is that it’s no longer available
  • Given the subsequent news about Jony leaving Apple it starts to look like a tribute to his Apple design work
  • ‘Designed by Apple in California’ Book No Longer Available on Apple’s Online US Store

23: MacBites After Hours 0037: Creating Relations

  • In MacBites After Hours 0037, Elaine gets down and dirty with network devices
  • Plus more comic creation kit, Notion and unboxings

23: 1,000 Siri Recordings Per Shift?

  • The Irish Examiner gives more information regarding the suspended Siri grading programme
  • According to one of the contractors who worked on ‌Siri‌ grading in Cork, Ireland, employees were expected to listen to more than 1,000 ‌Siri‌ recordings per shift
  • Good grief there’s a job!
  • It was reported that while most recordings were a few seconds in length “occasionally” employees would hear personal data or

snippets of conversation

26: Something to Lighten the Mood

  • A news version of NetNewsWire is launched
  • Free and open source
  • With an iOS version in development
  • NetNewsWire Rebooted

28: An Apology? A Day Late and a Dollar Short … Yet Again

29: Independent Repair Provider Program

29: Apple Announce the Great iPhone Event of 2019

29: MacBook Pro Ban


30: MacBites After Hours 0038: Templates, Templates, Templates!!

  • Mike’s regular Excel slot makes it’s first appearance in MacBites After Hours 0038
  • Plus creating posters in Affinity Designer and how to create Affinity templates


03: First Apple TV Show Canned Before the Service Even Launches

06: MacBites After Hours 0039: Teeth Tourism…Don’t Do It!

  • In MacBites After Hours 0039, we discussed dental treatment but we also looked at tech including OCR in SnagIt, geo-data in Excel, Notion templates and Affinity Designer

06: Siri Health Horror

  • Apple is working on a new Siri feature for release by iOS 15 in fall 2021 that will allow users to have a back-and-forth conversation about health problems, according to internal documentation obtained by The Guardian
  • So now your phone can nag you about your choices as much as your partner or your parent!
  • Great stuff … more a case of where do I opt out rather than where do I sign up
  • Apple Working on Siri Feature Allowing Back-and-Forth Conversations About Health Problems

09: MacBites 0122 Released: Otis Rides Again … While Playing Vatican Roulette

  • In MacBites 0122 we had more diabolically dodgy doings in Didcot
  • The Pope made an appearance too (don’t ask!)

09: ‘Twas the Night Before the Keynote

  • Elaine and Mike put out a special show exclusively on MacBites.fm in which they chatted about the following day’s Keynote at which the new iPhone was expected to be announced

10: Apple Keynote: By Innovation Only

11: AppleCare+ Another Subscription

12: Grace Period for App Store Subscriptions

13: iPhone Pre-order Day

14: MacBites After Hours 0040: Back to the Future

  • In readiness for next week, in MacBites After Hours 0040 we demonstrated editing a video, and talked about YouTube Premieres.
  • We also showed how we edit the MacBites podcast

18: Another One Bites the Dust

19: iOS 13 Launches

20: iPhone 11 Day

20: MacBites After Hours 0041 (YTP): The MacBites Time Machine

  • MacBites After Hours 0041 was The first MacBites After Hours YouTube Premiere
  • A YouTube Premiere? Basically a pre-recorded show. We were there but not there, if you see what we mean!

23: Google Gaming Takes on Apple Arcade

24: Project Gemini Becomes Adobe Fresco

25: Amazing Amazon Event

27: MacBites After Hours 0042: Petrolhead Tony

30: Apple News+ Launches in the UK


01: The Big Draw

02: Microsoft Surface Event

  • Talk about giving you notice of a launch
  • Microsoft surpassed themselves this time!
  • The new toys in question won’t launch for at least a year
  • Neo and Duo are two foldable dual display devices
  • Before you scoff if these devices were from Apple you’d be drooling over them in a very inelegant way!
  • Neo has a wonderbar
  • Think of it as a more useful version of the Apple TouchBar
  • Microsoft Debuts New Dual-Screen Devices, Updated Surface Laptops and More

04: MacBites After Hours 0043: More Than a Token Gesture

04: Here’s Jony!

  • London’s National Portrait Gallery commissioned a portrait of Apple’s departing design chief Jony Ive
  • Shot at Apple Park, by internationally renowned photographer Andreas Gursky
  • A pensive looking Jony is seen gazing out of a window at the inner circle of Apple Park
  • Jony Ive Now Featured in London’s National Portrait Gallery

04: Apple Arcade Arrives

05: Steve Jobs (1955 – 2011)

06: iCloud Folder Sharing?

08: Twitter in Trouble

  • After extracting customer information for the purposes of securing accounts what do Twitter actually do with it?
  • Use it for targeting advertising of course!
  • You couldn’t make this stuff up
  • Email addresses and phone numbers were used in Twitter’s Tailored Audiences and Partner Audiences advertising systems
  • Tailored Audiences is a feature that’s designed to let advertisers target ads to customers based on the advertiser’s marketing lists, while Partner Audiences is similar
  • Twitter ‘Unintentionally’ Used Some Customer Data Provided for Account Security for Advertising Purposes

09: Texas Hold’em Comes to iPad

10: Amazon Music Comes to Apple TV

11: MacBites After Hours 0044 (YTP): It’s Internet Jim But Not as We Know It

  • MacBites After Hours 0044 was another YouTube Premiere
  • This one was famous for the dial-up connection speed at the hotel where Elaine was trying to upload the recorded show from

15: Dark Mode from the Dark Side

16: Rapid Adoption of iOS 13

19: MacBites After Hours 0045: Here’s Jony!

25: MacBites After Hours 0046: Blogging with 2020 Vision

25: Trade-In

28: Google Fitbit

28: HomePod Brick-gate!

30: Services Revenue Boost


01: Apple TV+ Launches

02: MacBites After Hours 0047: Compiled Logic

04: Adobe Ride Again

04: Office Unification

05: New Outlook

07: Another Day Another TV Service

  • This time it’s BritBox
  • Basically you’re paying for repeats of old favourites
  • Good business plan that … fill the channels with reality rubbish then charge for repeats of good stuff you know folks enjoy … genius!
  • No we still didn’t buy a TV here at MacBites HQ
  • BritBox UK Streaming Service Launches for £5.99 per Month

07: Cool Comparison

08: Encrypted Email Vulnerability

09: MacBites After Hours 0048: Igniting Pro Demos

  • Notion and Scrivener were the order of the day in MacBites After Hours 0048
  • Elaine gave a great demo of Demo Pro which got Mike VERY excited

12: Twitter Topics

13: December Joy

13: The Physical ESC Key

14: Apple News+ Struggling

15: MacBites After Hours 0049: Liquid Birthday

  • In MacBites After Hours 0049 Elaine gave a comprehensive demo of Screenflow 9
  • We also had some QR Code Magic and Mike went on a date with Excel

19: Flexgate: The Monitor

19: Think Different

21: Photoshop for iPad: The Reviews Are In

22: MacBites After Hours 0050: 50 Not Out

28: JonyI Leaves the Building

29: MacBites After Hours 0051: New Bollards Please

  • In MacBites After Hours 0051 we gave you an update on the traffic bollard outside the house
  • We also covered Notion and Excel (quelle surprise!)


02: The Nightmare Apple “Event” from Hell

  • Just don’t go there!
  • Apple definitely announced an event
  • It was definitely on 2 December
  • The Crew were there
  • Or to be more precise Elaine was there since Mike was poorly
  • The MacBiters were there
  • Sadly Apple were not!! 😱
  • Said event had turned into a press event where all that went on was Apple briefing them as to what to expect from the App of the Year awards
  • WHAT?
  • What were The Crew supposed to do with a chatroom full of MacBiters and NO EVENT?
  • Yes, you guessed it, Elaine manfully carried on
  • It proved to be one of the best events of recent years with Apple not piddling on our collective parades!

06: MacBites After Hours 0052: Separate Postcodes

  • Elaine hosted MacBites After Hours 0052 on her own
  • Although Mike was away looking after his ill Father, he still managed to join the chat

06: More Class Action

13: MacBites After Hours 0053 (YTP): There in Spirit

  • An Abba tribute concert meant that MacBites After Hours 0053 was a pre-recorded YouTube Premiere
  • Whilst Mike was a Dancing Queen, Elaine was logged in and chatting

10: Bin 2.0 Arrives

10: Timmy’s Bangs the Innovation Drum

12: Toting Your Pods

  • One of Apple’s great oversights has been considering the way people want to carry their AirPods
  • The case is fine, shiny and thus slippy but generally, fine
  • But what about attaching the case to something for safety and security?
  • That’s where the Jura Anchor comes in
  • It’s a carabiner that attaches via the Lightning port
  • Initial thoughts? Are you serious? A disaster waiting to happen!
  • Judging by the comments on the initial posts highlighting the Jura Anchor we weren’t alone in those worrying thoughts
  • Jura Anchor Uses the AirPods Lightning Port to Add a Carabiner

13: iTunes Remote Update

16: Games, Games, Games

16: iPad Born Out of the Need to Ruthlessly Cut Costs?

18: Toting Your Pods Redux

  • While the Jura Anchor gave all of us a rise in blood pressure when it came to toting your AirPods the Twelve South AirSnap Pro only managed to cause palpitations in the pricing department
  • A much sturdier option that came with a sturdy price to match
  • $39.99 for a leather case with carabiner for AirPods and AirPods Pro
  • Very nice but $39.99????
  • Twelve South Announces ‘AirSnap Pro’ Case for AirPods Pro

20: MacBites After Hours 0054: By the Skin of Our Teeth

  • Two events in one day: Mike’s Father’s funeral and MacBites After Hours 0054
  • We arrived back at MacBites HQ with literally minutes to spare

24: MacBites After Hours 0055: ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

27: MacBites After Hours 0056: It Didn’t End Well!

  • The last MacBites After Hours of the year, show 0056 ended early due to technical problems
  • Both Elaine’s and Mike’s iMacs froze. Time for new kit at MacBites HQ

30: Upgrading Your Apple TV Remote

  • The remote control shipping with the Apple TV 4K is heading for being 5 years old with no significant updates in that time
  • Maybe time for third parties to step in and provide what Apple hasn’t then
  • Step up Salt, a Swiss company, offering just that
  • In close conjunction with Apple no less collaboration with Apple after the Salt TV customer base complained about the poor usability of the default remote that comes with the ‌Apple TV‌
  • Sells for under 20 Swiss francs
  • More traditional look than Apple’s touch enabled remote
  • Doesn’t really add any functionality
  • So come on Apple it’s time to upgrade both the Apple TV and the remote too
  • Apple appears to have never gotten over the status of the Apple TV being a hobby
  • Hands-On With Salt’s Apple TV Remote Replacement
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