Well guys I thought it was about time that I sent in a Lurve Bite or two. Each episode I say to myself I need to send one in, well today is the day.

What do I like about MacBites the most, well it has to be personality of the hosts. Elaine and Mike – great characters, whom constantly play off each others humour make it a joy to listen to. Their humour and rants are of course kept in check with the latest edition to MacBites, MacBites Siri – he does what he can to keep them in check however I do think on occasions he is fighting a losing battle.

Their technology knowledge is second to non, and an episode doesn’t go by without either Elaine or Mike carrying out an ‘experiment’ or two for their listeners benefit of not what to do. *cough* *cough* Lion

Podcasts aside I have followed Elaine and Mike on twitter, and they have offered me advice and been an avenue for me to vent my frustration out on in my quest to become a lawyer, drawing on their own experience.

Having never met Elaine or Mike in person, I feel as if I know them well enough to invite them into my boodwah every few weeks with MacBites and MacBites Learn.

Siri, I’m sorry, I just don’t feel as if we know each other enough yet. However im sure the time will come

Lots of Lurve

By Jonathan on 17 Jun 2012