A new app in the writing, note-taking, typing arena arrived this week with the arrival of Hanx Writer. Backed by Tom Hanks this app offers a rather analogue approach to working in an increasingly digital world.

Long time MacBiter MacJim dived straight in and sent us this review:

Today, I bought the Hanx Typewriter app from the App Store. Why? well, I like the novelty of this app and the way it works.

It’s got the sound of an old type writer, three in fact at various price levels, and a look that pleases in a strange way. The style of font is, as you can see, old fashioned to say the least but in a nice way.

You can make corrections (not very easily I have to say) but it forces you to do so manually, or simply have the same style of redaction that old typewriters did… i.e, xxx.

There’s a free version; a slightly noisy sounding typewriter, with limited editing and features, and two other upgrades: the Writers Block bundle at £2.99 opening up all the features such as page alignment, background colour, typewriter model and other features, the Hanx Gold Touch at £1.99 or the Hanx 707 bundle each giving you a variety of limited upgrades with each.

While it is a nice and novel idea, it may over time become frustrating to use if you are used to other kinds of text editing apps that auto-correct, and font style options etc, it won’t break the bank if you go for the £2.99 Hanx Gold Bundle. An odd but slightly novel way, pun intended, to write text for use as emails and other ideas… what you see here is a sample of the finished article produced with this app, warts and all.

And for the full effect check out this image of the original review written in Hanx Writer:

Hanx Writer

Big thanks to MacJim for taking the time to review this quirky new app. Have you tried it? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.