Subscribe to the MacBites Live Calendar Using Calendar

This video shows you how to subscribe to the MacBites calendar in a few easy steps using Calendar in OS X. The steps required are also detailed below the video for your reference.

[sc:jwplayer playername=”calendarsubscription_calendarosx” filepath=”″ posterimage=””]

Copy the MacBites Calendar URL

Copy the MacBites Live calendar URL:




Select File > New Calendar Subscription from the Calendar menu.

The MacBites Live Calendar URL

Paste the URL of the MacBites Live calendar into the Calendar URL field (1) and then click the Subscribe button (2).


Use the Configuration dialog box to set the calendar’s name (1) and colour (2)

Set the Location to iCloud (3)

Set the other options such as whether to display or remove alarms and attachments as per your requirements (4)

Set the Auto-refresh interval as per your requirements (5)

Specify whether you want to use the alerts from the MacBites Live calendar (6)

Click OK (7)

Displaying the Calendar – 1

Click the Calendars Button at the top of the Calendar screen

Displaying the Calendar – 2

The MacBites Live calendar will now be displayed in the Subscriptions section of Calendar.