Subscribe to The MacBites Live Calendar Using Outlook 2013 for Windows

All the MacBites Live events and the MacBites Learning training sessions are listed in The MacBites Calendar. This short tutorial shows you how to subscribe to the MacBites Live calendar using Microsoft Outlook 2013 for Windows

Copy the MacBites Calendar URL

Copy the MacBites Live calendar URL:


In Outlook switch to the Calendar

With Outlook open, switch to the Calendar by clicking Calendar at the bottom of the screen

Subscribe – Step 1

Click the Open Calendar button on the Home tab of the Ribbon (1)

Click From Internet (2)

Subscribe – Step 2

Paste the URL of the calendar into the field in the New Internet Calendar Subscription dialog box (1)


Click OK (2)

Confirm Subscription

Click Yes to confirm the subscription

Accessing The Calendar

The calendar will be listed in the Other Calendars section (1) on the left hand side of the screen.

To display the calendar, ensure that the checkbox is ticked (2)