The MacBites Marathon

The MacBites Marathon involves listening to every MacBites episode back-to-back, in as short a time as possible.

We’re not sure how many of you have done this but we do know that at least 2 of our long-time listeners, Minster68 (@minster68) and Jane (@jane73) have done so and both of them more than once.

The MacBites Ultra Marathon

With the pandemic in 2020 came a new MacBites show, Marooned at MacBites HQ, and with it a new much more difficult challenge … The MacBites Ultra Marathon!

This one involves listening to not only the entire MacBites back catalogue but also every one of the Marooned at MacBites HQ shows … of which there are over 500.

To date we know of only one MacBiter to complete this challenge and that’s Tracey (@tbaucells).

What About You?

If you’ve done the MacBites Marathon or the MacBites Ultra Marathon, please let us know!

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