Welcome to MacBites. We’re 3 Mac geeks from the UK who all switched (from the world of Windows) in 2006 and haven’t looked back since!

I’m Mike Thomas and I’m an IT professional, who, ironically, works for IBM where I provide IT training and support to 60,000 PC and Windows users world wide – although my mission is to convert those 60,000 people to Macs!

I’m Elaine Giles and I’m an IT professional based in Manchester, UK. I switched to a Mac in April 2006 after what proved to be a life changing visit to an Adobe event previewing Lightroom. I can assure you working with computers has never been so rewarding nor so much fun.

I’m Mike Burke, and I’m also a recent switcher to the Mac platform (1st Mac just over 18 months ago). As with Mike T, I also have to suffer the inconvenience of having to use MS Windows in my daily working life. By the way, I’m employed in an ICT Technician role for a pretty well known communications provider. As well as longing to own every Apple product (well that’s according to my wife), I’m pretty much a complete gadget nut. Therefore, you may often have to put up with me digressing into a rave about the latest and greatest on my wish list, and then when I get to own new stuff…well you know the type

So there’s a tiny first impression of us three – there is hope for us, isn’t there? Ah well, so first impressions do count after all. Come to think of it, there must be a Geek test to sit, as I don’t believe I’m there yet – Mike T, we don’t want to mislead any potential listeners do we.