6 June 2022

WWDC 2022, and let’s just say Apple didn’t exactly set the world alight with this one!

When the opening feature demonstration was a seemingly endless run through of the Home Screen customization you’re right to be concerned if it’s going to be downhill from there! Spoiler … it was 🤣

Another pre-record but with a “live” audience watching from a secret room at Apple Campus it was 1 hour 55 minutes of underwhelming content stretched out to fill the time available. What is it they say about putting lipstick on a pig? 🐷 💄

In better news The MacBites Crew and the MacBiters had a ball in the chat … getting more incredulous as the event progressed!!

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The MacBites Crew are Elaine Giles, Mike Thomas and MacBitesSiri. Together they bring you tips, tricks and valuable first hand experience of the Mac platform.

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